Individuals, Couples, Families

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At Vallier Therapy, we offer private psychotherapy sessions for individual adults, couples, and families, as well as counseling for those who want to help themselves or work on their relationships.

When people are seriously dissatisfied with their lives, work, or relationships, they often become stressed, shut-down, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed.

• Frequently they believe they should be able to resolve their issues on their own.

• But these issues are caused by significant feelings and often result in meaningful  symptoms, which can mount and destroy a life.

• Handling them alone usually does not work.

At Vallier Therapy, our work together helps clients identify, and heal, those habits and behaviors that have blocked them from making progress in their lives.

Clients become free to move forward again, less trapped in discomfort, to rediscover a life that has purpose and meaning for them.