How We Work

How we work together:

VallierTherapy-supporting you confidently  Confidentially

One of the many major differences between speaking with a licensed therapist and talking with a friend is confidentiality. At Vallier Therapy, we honor our legal and ethical duty not to disclose what has been discussed in session, or even that a client is in therapy with us, without express permission.

VallierTherapy-supporting you safely  Safely

The relationship between client and therapist must feel safe to the client in order for good therapeutic work to take place. While it takes time for these feelings to grow, a client often knows after the first meeting if he or she has “clicked” with the therapist.

We offer potential clients a complimentary telephone consultation to help both of us determine if  we can work with each other and if Vallier Therapy can be of help.

VallierTherapy-supporting you psychodynamically  Psychodynamically

This means we deal with relationships and feelings. Whether we are aware of it or not, past relationships and feelings affect our actions now. At Vallier Therapy, we deal with the past, but only as it affects the present.

VallierTherapy-supporting you interactively  Interactively

The interaction between the client and therapist is a vital part of the process.

At Vallier Therapy, the therapist is an involved participant in the session. Both non-intrusive and moving at each client’s comfortable pace, our sessions do not look anything like those in the movies— where the client does all the talking, and the therapist sits passively waiting for the session to end!

VallierTherapy-supporting you efficiently  Efficiently

At Vallier Therapy, we know most clients are concerned that therapy will involve a longer time commitment than they are willing to make.  While each client’s work moves at a different pace, our clients are always in the driver’s seat as to when to end, or take a break from, the work.

In addition, in the first meeting we determine with our clients the goals they want to achieve.  These goals, and the progress made toward them, are frequently discussed and re-evaluated so that clients can decide the amount of work, and the length of time, they will invest in therapy.

VallierTherapy-supporting you conveniently  Conveniently

At Vallier Therapy, our work with clients helps them identify, and heal, those habits and behaviors that have blocked them from making progress in their lives. They become free to remember what they wanted before they derailed from themselves, their lives, and their relationships and to build the skills to move toward it. They become free to move forward again, less trapped in discomfort and symptoms, to rediscover a life that has meaning for them.

Private sessions by appointment, please call to schedule in advance.

Weekend and evening hours are available, and most insurance is accepted.

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